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Instant 960 Grid System

By : Diego de Tres
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Instant 960 Grid System

By: Diego de Tres

Overview of this book

Grid systems were an integral part of World War II, helping graphic designers to achieve coherency in devising a flexible system. This book exploits the vast potential of grid systems to create organized and properly aligned websites for mobile platforms. Instant 960 Grid System is a practical, hands-on guide explaining how to build a website using targeting mobile devices, from tablets to smartphones. This book shows you how to build quick and organized websites, clearing out the confusion that surrounds column allocation. It will take you through a number of clear and practical exercises that will help you to take advantage of the 960 Grid Systems. You will also learn how to build your own portfolio, starting with the layout in Photoshop to the final product available in HTML. If you want to understand and familiarize yourself with how to use the 960 Grid System and at the same time want to prepare your website quickly to run on smartphones and tablets, then this book is for you. Not only will it cover the creation of a quickly-produced neat and concise website for different platforms, but it will also teach you how to make it responsive.
Table of Contents (7 chapters)

About the Reviewer

Afshin Mehrabani is a 21-year old web developer and an open source programmer. He is already a computer software engineering student. He started programming and web development with PHP when he was 12 years old. Later, he entered the Iran Technical and Vocational Training Organization. He received the gold medal in a country-wide competition on web development, and he also became a member of the Iran's National Elite'sFoundation by producing a variety of new programming ideas.

He was a software engineer at the Tehran Stock Exchange and now he is the head of the web development team in the Yara Company. He co-founded the Usablica team in early 2012 to develop and produce usable applications.

He is the programmer of IntroJs, WideArea, NPM.Vim, and some other open source projects. Also, he is contributing to Socket.IO, Engine.IO, and some other open source projects. His interests are in creating and contributing to open source applications, writing programming articles, and challenging with new programming technologies.

He has already written different articles about JavaScript, NodeJs, HTML5, and MongoDB, which are published on different academic websites. Afshin is already contributing to different startups, some of which will help to improve the open source community, making open source code easier and faster.