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Instant Node Package Manager

By : Juzer Ali
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Instant Node Package Manager

By: Juzer Ali

Overview of this book

Node.js is the new buzz in town and has a vibrant community.It ships with npm, which is a tool that helps automate various development, deployment, and installation of node modules, and makes the process much easier. Instant Node Package Module is a practical guide to authoring and distributing node modules, and also for creating and managing private, standalone node.js projects. Starting with getting node.js installed and running on a variety of platforms, we then proceed to learn about code modularization and achieving it in node.js. Picking up a practical example, we will then explore the whole process and life cycle of conceiving, writing, and publishing a node module. We will also learn how to exploit a toolsincluded with npm to automate various development and deployment steps. Later on, we will discover the power of npm and how its different features and configurations can save large amounts of time by providing a helping hand for automating repetitive tasks between writing and publishing your modules.
Table of Contents (8 chapters)


A book never belongs to a single person. For this short crisp book, there were more than a dozen people responsible and each person's contribution was critical for its completion. First of all I am grateful to my family; my parents, my fiancée Fatema, and my brother and friend Yusuf for constantly believing in me and in many aspects of my life. Because of this I was able to undertake and execute this project confidently. My nieces Zainab, Tasneem, and little Sakina are the apples of my eye and remain major sources of inspiration to me.

I am ever so thankful to Ankit Jain for his critical reviews, which stood in my way of submitting a poorly structured draft. Harendra and Sahil's constant encouragement and deep interest in the progress of this book kept me going when things were rough. I want to extend this gratitude to Nikhar, Udit, Priyank, Mohit, Mayur, and all those friends and family members who shared my joy and pleasure in writing this book. Each little pat on the back meant a lot to me.

My seniors at Tata Consultancy Services, Nikunj and Niraj's contributions were also instrumental in that they constantly reinforced beliefs in my technical understanding and permitted me to concentrate on this book more than the chores at work during my last few days at TCS.

Lastly, I am thankful to Packt Publishing crew, especially Priyanka and Akash who suggested to me the idea of writing this book and gave me a chance to contribute to the growing node.js community with this humble effort. Their contributions were significant in managing the schedule and the process of exchanging and correcting the drafts. This wouldn't have been possible without their efforts.

There might have been more people behind the scenes who have contributed to this book in more subtle ways. I want to thank them all for putting effort into this book.