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AngularJS Web Application Development Blueprints

By : Vinci J Rufus
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AngularJS Web Application Development Blueprints

By: Vinci J Rufus

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AngularJS Web Application Development Blueprints
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Introducing Grid Layouts and Bootstrap

Building HTML pages had always been a web designer's job, and programmers would run miles away if asked to build an HTML page.

Another problem with designing HTML pages is that every designer has their own secret recipe to create an HTML page, using their own structure to lay out the DOM elements and their favorite CSS class names. This causes quite an anguish when developers take over HTML to put in the dynamic code, or when two designers are working on the same project.

The Grid Layouts evolved as a means to help get everybody on the same page in terms of naming conventions and the DOM structure, and more importantly, to reduce the time taken to build HTML pages while ensuring a fair amount of browser compatibility at the same time.

While grid systems such as the 960 Grid System and Blueprint were among the early grid systems available, nowadays, Bootstrap, Foundation, and Semantic UI have become very popular tools to build frontend pages.

At the time...