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Sass and Compass Designer's Cookbook

By : Bass Jobsen, Stuart Robson
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Sass and Compass Designer's Cookbook

By: Bass Jobsen, Stuart Robson

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Sass and Compass Designer's Cookbook helps you to get most out of CSS3 and harness its benefits to create engaging and receptive applications. This book will help you develop faster and reduce the maintenance time for your web development projects by using Sass and Compass. You will learn how to use with CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap and Foundation and understand how to use other libraries of pre-built mixins. You will also learn setting up a development environment with Gulp. This book guides you through all the concepts and gives you practical examples for full understanding.
Table of Contents (23 chapters)
Sass and Compass Designer's Cookbook
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This chapter introduces you to the Grunt Task Runner and the features it offers to make your development workflow a delight. Grunt is a JavaScript Task Runner that is installed and managed via npm, the Node.js package manager. You will learn how to take advantage of its plugins to set up your own flexible and productive workflow, which will enable you to compile your Sass code. Although there are many applications available for compiling Sass, Grunt is a more flexible, versatile, and cross-platform tool that will allow you to automate many development tasks, including Sass compilation. It can not only automate the Sass compilation tasks, but also wrap any other mundane jobs, such as linting and minifying and cleaning your code, into tasks and run them automatically for you. By the end of this chapter, you will be comfortable using Grunt and its plugins to establish a flexible workflow when working with Sass. Using Grunt in your workflow is vital. You will then be shown how...