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Mastering Articulate Storyline

By : Ashley Chiasson, Jeffery Batt
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Mastering Articulate Storyline

By: Ashley Chiasson, Jeffery Batt

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Storyline is a powerful e-learning authoring tool that allows you to take your creativity to the next level. However, more often than not, projects don't require such complex interactions, leaving Storyline's full capabilities untapped. This book will provide you with the information you need to take your Storyline development up a notch by leveraging the full suite of possibilities Storyline has to offer. You will be provided with a refresher of the key concepts before we take you deep into the exciting world of enhanced interactivity, variables, and even some JavaScript—oh my! With downloadable activities, you can either follow along and compare your output, use the activities as they are, modify the activities to suit your own needs, or reverse-engineer the activities to better understand how they were developed.
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Mastering Articulate Storyline
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Adding animations

Animations are a great way of enhancing your story by adding a bit more pizzazz to your slide objects. You can make extensive use of your timeline having animations polish up the entrance and exit of slide objects, leaving a smoother and more professional finish for your story.

Under the Animations tab, Storyline provides the Animation Painter, Entrance Animations, and Exit Animations. We'll talk about each of these features and how you can make them work for your story!

Entrance and Exit Animations

Entrance Animations and Exit Animations are animations applied to objects, which will occur when the object enters and/or exits the slide. Setting up your slide objects for entrance and exit is easy; you just have to work with the timeline to specify when you want the object to enter the slide and when you want it to exit.

In the following example, we have three rectangles: Rectangle 1 enters at 1 second and exits at 2 seconds, Rectangle 2 enters at 2 seconds and exits at 3 seconds...