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Leaflet.js Essentials

By : Paul Crickard III, Paul Crickard
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Leaflet.js Essentials

By: Paul Crickard III, Paul Crickard

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Leaflet.js Essentials
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Consuming ESRI services

In the first example of this chapter, you learned how to use the esri-leaflet plugin for basemaps. You then learned how to use a plugin to work with the most common ESRI file format: the shapefile. While you will most certainly run into a shapefile, you will increasingly find yourself running into ESRI services that provide endpoints that you can connect to and consume geographic services from. With the esri-leaflet plugin, you can connect to these services, and besides basemaps, display five other layer types:

  • The tiled map layer

  • The dynamic map layer

  • The feature layer

  • The clustered feature layer

  • The heatmap feature layer

Once you know how to add one of these layers, you can add any of the others because the process is almost identical. The only differences are the available options and methods, which are well documented in the API at Later in this chapter, we will learn how to create a heatmap feature layer, but for now...