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Learning Phalcon PHP

By : Calin Rada, Ioan C Rada
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Learning Phalcon PHP

By: Calin Rada, Ioan C Rada

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Learning Phalcon PHP
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Creating the structure for our project

Now, we are going to create the structure for our project. In the first chapter, we created the /var/www/learning-phalcon.localhost folder. If you have another location, go there and create the following directory structure:

Next, let's create the index.php file that will handle our application. This file will be the default file in our web server:


header('Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8');

require_once __DIR__.'/../modules/Bootstrap.php';

$app = new Bootstrap('frontend');

In the first two lines, we set the header and internal encoding to UTF-8. This is a good practice if you are going to use special characters / diacritics. In the fourth line, we include a file named Bootstrap.php. This file is the Bootstrap of our project, and we will create its content in a few moments. On the next lines, we create a new instance of Bootstrap with a default module (frontend), and we initialize...