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Learning Phalcon PHP

By : Calin Rada, Ioan C Rada
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Learning Phalcon PHP

By: Calin Rada, Ioan C Rada

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Learning Phalcon PHP
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Hashtag CRUD

The reason we leave articles at the end is that when we implement it, we will need to assign hashtags, categories, and users to it. Before going further, we will make a slight modification to layout.volt and BaseController. We will remove this line from BaseController.php:


Also, we will add this line to layout.volt, right before {{ assets.outputCss('headerCss') }}:

{{stylesheetLink('../assets/default/bower_components/bootstrap/dist/css/bootstrap.min.css') }}

We are doing this because the CSS for bootstrap is already minified, and if we do it again, the bootstrap fonts will not be rendered correctly. Remember to apply the same modification to layout_simple.volt.

In Chapter 5, The API Module, when we developed the API module, one of our tasks was to create the rest of the required models and managers. They included the hashtag manager and models. If you didn't do this, don't worry. You have it...