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Learning Phalcon PHP

By : Calin Rada, Ioan C Rada
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Learning Phalcon PHP

By: Calin Rada, Ioan C Rada

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Learning Phalcon PHP
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Category CRUD

When we created the architecture for category tables, we added a category_translation table. We will alter this table and add a unique index to avoid duplicates for the same country code and category ID. Execute the following query:

ALTER TABLE  `learning_phalcon`.`category_translation` ADD UNIQUE (
`category_translation_category_id` ,
) COMMENT  '';

We will add a new array to the config/config.php global configuration file that will hold information about i18n:

'i18n' => [
  'locales' => [ //ISO 639-1: two-letter codes, one per language
    'en' => 'English'

The Category form

We will now create the form for the add/edit categories. Create a new file in modules/Core/Forms/, name it CategoryForm.php, and write the following code:

namespace App\Core\Forms;

use Phalcon\Forms\Form;
use Phalcon\Forms\Element\Text;
use Phalcon\Forms\Element\Select;
use Phalcon\Forms\Element\Submit;
use Phalcon\Forms\Element\Hidden;
use Phalcon\Validation...