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KnockoutJS Blueprints

By : Carlo Russo
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KnockoutJS Blueprints

By: Carlo Russo

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KnockoutJS Blueprints
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Creating a starting environment for the project

In the previous chapter, I built a wireframe of each View before the real code, to have an idea of what we were going to build.

I'll do the same here, but before going directly to the code, it's better to prepare our workspace.

We already created the starting structure of the application. Cordova built many folders for us with all the starting code. The main folder of the project is www. You write your code inside that folder, because it's the container of our assets.

When you are ready to build the application to test inside the device, ask Cordova to build the application with the command:

cordova build

This will create an application package for each platform you added to the project inside the folders platforms/PLATFORM_NAME/build/.

We already decided which frameworks we are going to use, so we can start to put each library inside the www folder.

Make a folder named lib inside the www folder, then download the following libraries inside it:

  • jQuery...