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KnockoutJS Blueprints

By : Carlo Russo
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KnockoutJS Blueprints

By: Carlo Russo

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KnockoutJS Blueprints
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The project, a real-world web application

This project will follow the steps to create the web application you can find at: (actual redirection of

When you want to relocate, in Italy, you have to:

  1. Fill a really long paper module.

  2. Take it to the public office of the new municipality you want to relocate to.

  3. Wait for a public officer to come to your house to check whether you really live there.

  4. And then, if you don't get any notification before the 45th day, it's done.

We cannot do anything for the third and fourth step, but we can help people with the first two.

The web application you can find online contains three different modules:

  • Relocate: This module helps people with the paperwork for the public administration

  • Manage addresses: This module is a single point to check who knows your address, and to manage auto-updating after a change

  • Company access: This module is a portal for the companies, to use the service

In this chapter, we are going to...