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KnockoutJS Blueprints

By : Carlo Russo
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KnockoutJS Blueprints

By: Carlo Russo

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KnockoutJS Blueprints
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Analysing and developing the Relocate module

With this module, we want to transpose the module for the relocation from the paper form into a digital web form.

We have already seen the steps the user has to follow to perform relocation; we will define three steps to help him with the full workflow:

  1. Fill the form.

  2. Sign and send.

  3. Wait 45 days and then manage your address.

Here there is a wireframe of these steps:

Realizing such a kind of interface is really simple with DurandalJS, with the help of the child router.


The router binding handler gives us a way to modularize the contents of the Views, separating them from the layout of the container.

We can go further with this modularization, with the use of the child router; inside a module, we define the children routes we want to show and the router plugin will activate all the modules for the selected path.

You can find a good example of how the child router works inside the examples of DurandalJS, looking at the ko route.

Just remember that you have...