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Less Web Development Essentials

By : Bass Jobsen
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Less Web Development Essentials

By: Bass Jobsen

Overview of this book

Less is a CSS preprocessor that essentially improves the functionality of simple CSS with the addition of several features. The book begins by teaching you how Less facilitates the process of web development. You will quickly then move on to actually creating your first layout using Less and compiling your very first Less code. Next, you will learn about variables and mixins and how they will help in building robust CSS code. In addition, you'll learn how to keep your code clean and test it by using style guides. We will then move on to the concept of Bootstrapping and the strength of using Less with Twitter Bootstrap. Going one step further, you will be able to customize Twitter's Bootstrap 3 using Less. Finally, you will learn how to integrate Less into your WordPress themes and explore other web apps that use Less. By leveraging this powerful CSS preprocessor, you will be able to consistently produce amazing web applications while making CSS code development an enjoyable experience.
Table of Contents (15 chapters)
Less Web Development Essentials
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Media queries and responsive design

Media queries is a CSS3 module and is a W3C candidate recommendation since June 2012. Media queries add the possibility of applying a style sheet to CSS only when a media query evaluates as true. A media query evaluates the device's type and device's features. The device's types are screen, speech, and print, among others, and the features are width, device-width, and resolution, among others.

Nowadays, the screen type and device's width play an important role in responsive web design. With the use of media queries, someone can restrict CSS rules to a specified screen width and thus change the representation of a website with varying screen resolutions.

A typical media query will look like the following line of code:

@media  { ... }

For instance, the following media query sets the font color to black when the viewport's width is larger than 767 pixels:

@media screen and (min-width: 768px) {
  //add other style rules here

In the preceding code...