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MEAN Web Development

By : Amos Q. Haviv
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MEAN Web Development

By: Amos Q. Haviv

Overview of this book

The MEAN stack is a collection of the most popular modern tools for web development; it comprises MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js. Starting with MEAN core frameworks, this project-based guide will explain the key concepts of each framework, how to set them up properly, and how to use popular modules to connect it all together. By following the real-world examples shown in this tutorial, you will scaffold your MEAN application architecture, add an authentication layer, and develop an MVC structure to support your project development. Finally, you will walk through the different tools and frameworks that will help expedite your daily development cycles. Watch how your application development grows by learning from the only guide that is solely orientated towards building a full, end-to-end, real-time application using the MEAN stack!
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MEAN Web Development
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AngularJS services

AngularJS services are singleton entities that are usually used to share information between different entities of the same AngularJS application. Services can be used to fetch data from your server, share cached data, and inject global objects into other AngularJS components. Since there is a single instance of each service, it is also possible to use two-way data binding between different unrelated entities of your AngularJS application. There are two kinds of services: AngularJS prebundled services and custom services. Let's begin by reviewing the former.

AngularJS prebundled services

AngularJS comes prebundled with many services to abstract common development tasks. Commonly used services include:

  • $http: This is an AngularJS service used to handle AJAX requests

  • $resource: This is an AngularJS service used to handle RESTful APIs

  • $location: This is an AngularJS service used to handle URL manipulations

  • $q: This is an AngularJS service used to handle promises

  • $rootScope...