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Learning AngularJS Animations

By : Richard Keller
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Learning AngularJS Animations

By: Richard Keller

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Learning AngularJS Animations
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The ngMessage and ngMessages directive animations

Both the ngMessage and ngMessages directives are complimentary, but you can choose which one you want to animate, or even animate both of them. They became separated from the core module, so we have to add the ngMessages module as a dependency of our AngularJS application.

These directives were added to AngularJS in Version 1.3, and they are useful to display messages based on the state of the model of a form control. So, we can easily display a custom message if an input has a specific validation error, for example, when the input is required but is not filled in yet. Without these directives, we would rely on JavaScript code and/or complex ngIf statements to accomplish the same result.

For this sample, we will create three different error messages for three different validations of a password field, as described in the following HTML:

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html ng-app="myApp">
  <title>ngMessages animation</title...