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Getting Started with Ghost

By : Andrew J Boutte, David Balderston, Kezz Bracey
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Getting Started with Ghost

By: Andrew J Boutte, David Balderston, Kezz Bracey

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Additional configuration for VPS usage

There's a few additional configuration steps to consider when hosting your blog on a VPS.

Pointing a custom domain at Ghost (VPS)

Now that your have Ghost up and running, a common next step will be pointing a domain name at your blog. This section will cover the concepts of pointing your custom domain name at the server hosting Ghost. These steps will be specific for a domain purchased at Namecheap to a DigitalOcean droplet running Ghost. We have chosen to document NameCheap and DigitalOcean because of their popularity, but almost every domain name registrar has similar steps.


If you run into any problems, contact your domain name registrar, they make these changes for people all the time.

Perform the following steps to point your custom domain to Ghost:

  1. Buy a domain name at Namecheap.

  2. Now you need to configure your domain to point to DigitalOcean. To do that click on the My Account tab in Namecheap and then on Manage Domains.

  3. Next click on your domain...