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Getting Started with Ghost

By : Andrew J Boutte, David Balderston, Kezz Bracey
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Getting Started with Ghost

By: Andrew J Boutte, David Balderston, Kezz Bracey

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Stylus files

You're about to start applying CSS to your theme, so before we move on, let's take a quick look at how the Stylus files (you'll find in your LearningGhostSource folder) work.

The import_stylus.styl file

This file imports the other Stylus files of the project, in the order specified therein. The order of import determines that the order code will be written into the actual production style sheet.

The meta folder

This folder contains the modified version of Normalize.css as well as any global variables, functions, and so on that need to be accessible throughout the project.

The vars_mixins_etc folder

In this folder, you will find three files, each containing any variables, mixins, functions, hashes, and any other code that is not an actual CSS style. The files are:

  • typography.styl

  • layout.styl

  • color_and_bgs.styl

These files allow you to keep your project clearly organized along purpose-oriented lines. The driving principle is that once your design is complete, you should be able to...