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Getting Started with Ghost

By : Andrew J Boutte, David Balderston, Kezz Bracey
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Getting Started with Ghost

By: Andrew J Boutte, David Balderston, Kezz Bracey

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About the Reviewers

İsmail Demirbilek is a software engineer and web enthusiast living in İstanbul, Turkey. He is working with cutting-edge web technologies since his college days at Istanbul Technical University back in 2012. He is mainly focused on frontend engineering besides being a Big Data search engineer at Egemsoft.

He is also an open source maintainer. He has published many projects in terms of giving back to the community. He is currently working on several web projects.

Gabor Javorszky is one of the core developers on Ghost. He's been in the web industry for the past 10 years. It all started with a bespoke Flash website for an event and a forum he's written by hand. Later on, WordPress became the tool of his choice with a small sidestep to another CMS while working at an agency. Everything he knows he learned all by himself, reading articles, trying, and building things, and figuring out what works and how.

Currently he is the senior developer at Electric Studio, a small WordPress only web design agency in Oxfordshire, the United Kingdom.

He has also reviewed Getting Started with Zurb Foundation 4 for Packt Publishing earlier this year.