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TypeScript Essentials

By : Christopher Nance
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TypeScript Essentials

By: Christopher Nance

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Table of Contents (15 chapters)

Chapter 7. Enhancing the Drawing Application

When we started the drawing application in Chapter 5, Creating a Simple Drawing Application, we grouped all of our code together by functionality. This allowed us to reduce the number of script tags required for our application to work. Using what we learned in the previous chapter, we will modify the drawing application to use AMD modules and RequireJS. We will also integrate Knockout and jQuery to improve the overall user experience. Finally, we will look at how we can use RequireJS to build all of our application code into a single minified file for deployment optimization. The enhancements we will make to our application include:

  • Converting to AMD modules

  • Binding user controls

  • Generating a single output file

  • Styling the application