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TypeScript Essentials

By : Christopher Nance
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TypeScript Essentials

By: Christopher Nance

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About the Reviewers

Andrea Martinelli is a passionate software developer who is currently working on Shaman.IO, a tool that automatically detects and extracts structured data from the Web.

In the past, he worked on Songr, a music player and aggregator. His interests span across web data extraction, code performance, and statically typed languages. He is a proficient C# developer and has been interested in TypeScript since its initial announcement. He graduated from the University of Trento in Computer Science and then studied at the Technical University of Denmark, even though he is now dedicating more time to the Shaman.IO project while moving across Europe.

Nathan Rozentals has been writing commercial software for over 23 years, starting with COBOL on mainframes, through C, on to C++ and Java, and finally settling on C# and ASP.NET.

He picked up TypeScript in October 2012—a day after the 0.8.0 release—and could not put it down. In TypeScript, he found a language that could bring all of the design patterns and practices he had learned over the years—in a variety of languages—to JavaScript.

Some 6 days after the 0.8.0 release, he began blogging about TypeScript; covering a variety of topics, including unit testing, implementing an IoC container, and organizing code with AMD modules. He knew he had hit the mark when Microsoft themselves started to reference his blog in their CodePlex discussion forums.

You can find his blog at

He currently works in the health industry, bringing touchscreen interfaces to medical systems, thereby enabling BYOD for clinicians and hospital staff.

He is passionate about code quality, unit testing, and continuous integration, and has helped many large teams implement CI across many different software projects in many different languages.

When he is not coding, he loves windsurfing and playing soccer. He is also an avid Liverpool FC supporter.

Basarat Ali Syed (BAS) is a senior developer and the go-to guy for frontend issues at Picnic Software ( in Melbourne, Australia. He has a Master of Computing degree from Australian National University and graduated with high distinction in all courses. He is a familiar face at developer meetups and conferences in Australia and has been a speaker at events such as ALT.NET, DDD Melbourne, MelbJS, and Node.js meetups, among others. He is deeply passionate about web technologies. He is a known member of the TypeScript community and works on the DefinitelyTyped team ( In his spare time, he enjoys bodybuilding, cycling, and maintains a YouTube channel for helping fellow developers ( You can easily find him on Twitter @basarat,, and