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ServiceStack 4 Cookbook

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ServiceStack 4 Cookbook

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ServiceStack 4 Cookbook
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About the Reviewers

Phillip Haydon is a Kiwi (New Zealander) who has spent the better part of the past 10 years traveling Asia during the day and coding furiously at night. He currently lives in Singapore, actively contributes to the NancyFX and SimpleAuthentication open source projects, and tries to maintain his own Sandra Snow blog engine.

Andreas Niedermair, a kid of the 1980s, got his hands dirty with QBasic and pressing "Refresh" in Netscape Navigator to review his websites, which later got enhanced by backend processing by PHP.

With the release of .NET he fell in love with the Microsoft stack, which he uses in his day job in the logistics industry.

Andreas lives in Austria and enjoys the outdoors, traveling, his guitars, and a good whisky in front of his Kachelofen. You can contact Andreas at

Alex Pop is a professional software developer with a university degree in computer engineering and 12 years of commercial experience building .NET applications.

He has worked for ISVs, building enterprise resource planning applications, content management systems, and insurance and financial software products. He is currently working in the higher education sector as a web application developer.

His developer blog at contains technical articles around .NET, JavaScript, and various software engineering topics.

Jezz Santos is a highly experienced developer, educator, coach, and mentor for software product delivery organizations and delivery teams. He began his career as a software research engineer at Nokia in Finland and then moved into software product development in start-ups in New Zealand, followed by over a decade at Microsoft in Western Europe and the USA. His broad focus at Microsoft was improving the output of product development teams, with a specific focus on development automation technologies and making team development a more sustainable, humanizing, and cooperative experience.

Now, he focuses on catalyzing excellence in product development by building high-performance, collaborative development teams that apply and continuously improve the application of the principles of craftsmanship, XP, and lean thinking. Jezz is currently doing all of that and still cutting code as a founder of Mindkin—a new, lean, Wellington-based product development start-up. Jezz is highly motivated to help establish New Zealand as a renowned worldwide leader in creating software development companies and products by growing and developing the huge potential of the people there.

You can reach out to Jezz through LinkedIn:

See what Jezz Santos has to say about his experience with working on ServiceStack until now:

"After building numerous products and educating numerous teams of people on the full Microsoft web stack since .NET beta, the discovery of ServiceStack was just what test-first product developers want as a highly usable, testable, flexible, robust, and performant framework. Much like many other frameworks developed in the last few years, the experience of applying ServiceStack to real product development is to experience far less friction and higher productivity than applying any of the Microsoft web technologies. There is real "magic" in there and it's careful crafted to be highly usable by developers. Huge credit is deserved by the creators of ServiceStack, Demis Bellot et al and the entire ServiceStack community supporting it, making the experience for ServiceStack product developers such a fine and complete one."

"This book will be a real good guide for developers for getting up to speed, for revealing some of ServiceStack's, secrets and how to get more from it in your new products!"