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Web Development with MongoDB and Node.js

By : Jason Krol
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Web Development with MongoDB and Node.js

By: Jason Krol

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Web Development with MongoDB and Node.js
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Removing data – DELETE

The final stop on our whirlwind tour of the different REST API HTTP verbs is DELETE. It should be no surprise that sending a DELETE request should do exactly what it sounds like. Let's add another route that accepts DELETE requests and will delete an item from our movies collection. Here is the code that takes care of DELETE requests that should be placed after the existing block of code from the previous PUT:

router.delete('/:id', function(req, res) {
    var indexToDel = -1;
    _.each(json, function(elem, index) {
        if (elem.Id === {
            indexToDel = index;
    if (~indexToDel) {
        json.splice(indexToDel, 1);

This code will loop through the collection of movies and find a matching item by comparing the values of Id. If a match is found, the array index for the matched item is held until the loop is finished. Using the array.splice function, we can remove an array item at a specific...