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Building Single-page Web Apps with Meteor

By : Fabian Vogelsteller
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Building Single-page Web Apps with Meteor

By: Fabian Vogelsteller

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Building Single-page Web Apps with Meteor
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Deploying on other servers

Meteor's free hosting is great, but when it comes to using an app in production, we want to be in control of the server we're using.

Meteor allows us to create a bundle of our application so that we can deploy it on any Node.js server. The only downside to this is that we need to install certain dependencies ourselves. Additionally, there are two packages out there that make deploying apps almost as simple as Meteor itself, though their configuration is still needed.

Bundling our app

In order to deploy our app on our own server, we need to have a Linux server with the latest version of Node.js and NPM installed. The server should have the same platform as our local machine on which we will create the bundle. If you want to deploy your app on another platform, take a look at the next section. Now let's build the app by performing the following steps:

  1. If our server fits the aforementioned requirements, we can go to our app's folder on our local machine and run the following...