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Building Single-page Web Apps with Meteor

By : Fabian Vogelsteller
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Building Single-page Web Apps with Meteor

By: Fabian Vogelsteller

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Building Single-page Web Apps with Meteor
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Chapter 5. Making Our App Versatile with Routing

Since we've made it to this chapter, we should already have a good understanding of Meteor's template system and how data synchronization between a server and clients works. After digesting this knowledge, let's get back to the fun part and make our blog a real website with different pages.

You might ask, "What do pages do in a single-page app?" The term "single page" is a bit confusing, as it doesn't mean that our app consists of only one page. It's rather a term derived from the current way of doing things, as there is only one page sent down from the server. After that, all the routing and paging happens in the browser. There aren't any pages requested from the server itself anymore. A better term here would be "client-side web application," though single page is the current used name.

In this chapter, we will cover the following topics:

  • Writing routes for our static and dynamic pages

  • Changing subscriptions based on routes

  • Changing the title...