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Building Single-page Web Apps with Meteor

By : Fabian Vogelsteller
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Building Single-page Web Apps with Meteor

By: Fabian Vogelsteller

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Building Single-page Web Apps with Meteor
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Chapter 7. Users and Permissions

Having worked through the previous chapters, we should have a working blog by now. We can click on all links and posts, and even lazy load more posts.

In this chapter, we will add our backend login and create the admin user. We will also create the template to edit posts and make an edit button visible to the admin user so that they can edit and add new content.

In this chapter, we will learn the following concepts:

  • Meteor's accounts package

  • Creating users and a log in

  • How to restrict certain routes to only logged-in users


    You can delete all the session examples from the previous chapter, as we won't need them to progress with our app. Delete the session's code from my-meteor-blog/main.js, my-meteor-blog/client/templates/home.js, and my-meteor-blog/client/templates/home.html, or download a fresh copy of the previous chapter's code.

    If you've jumped right into the chapter and want to follow the examples, download the previous chapter's code examples from either...