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Mastering ExtJS - Second Edition

By : Loiane Avancini
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Mastering ExtJS - Second Edition

By: Loiane Avancini

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Mastering Ext JS Second Edition
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Packaging the application for production

Our theme is created, so now the only thing left is to make the production build and deploy the code on the production web server. Again, we will use Sencha Cmd to do it for us.

  1. To do a production build, we need to have a terminal opened. We also need to change the directory to the application's root directory and type the following command:

    sencha app build

    Here's how the command looks on the terminal:

  2. Once the command execution is completed, it will create a new directory called build/production/NameofTheApp. As our application namespace is Packt, it creates the directory build/production/Packt, as follows:

    What this command does is get all the code we developed (inside the app folder) plus the Ext JS code we really need to run the application and put it inside the all-classes.js file. Then, using YUI Compressor, Sencha Cmd will minimize the code and obfuscate the JavaScript code; this way, we will have a very small JavaScript file that the user will...