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WooCommerce Cookbook

By : Patrick Rauland
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WooCommerce Cookbook

By: Patrick Rauland

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WooCommerce Cookbook
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We've covered everything you need to get your store up-and-running—the fun parts, such as configuring your products, and the less fun parts, such as configuring taxes and managing orders. There are, however, a few recipes that didn't fit cleanly into other chapters but I still thought important to share.

Product reviews are a big step in the buying process. Knowing that someone else tried it and they're either satisfied or not satisfied helps customers in making their decision. We have several ways to highlight reviews or make the reviews less prominent if you have a few reviews that aren't flattering.

We haven't talked about affiliate marketing and how you can market others' products on your store. We'll talk about ways to make affiliate links more user-friendly and a way to create groups of affiliate links.

We'll also cover ways to generate coupons in huge batches, how to send customers follow-up e-mails, and a few extra things on top of all that.