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Performance Testing with JMeter

By : Bayo Erinle
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Performance Testing with JMeter

By: Bayo Erinle

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Remote testing with JMeter

JMeter has inbuilt support for distributed testing. This enables a single JMeter GUI instance known as the master, to control a number of remote JMeter instances, known as slaves and collect all the test results from them. The features offered by this approach are as follows:

  • Saving of test samples to the local machine

  • Managing multiple instances of JMeterEngine (slave nodes) from a single machine

  • Replicating the test plan from the master node to each controlled server without the need to copy them to each server


JMeter does not distribute the load between servers. Each server will execute the same test plan in its entirety.

Though the test plan is replicated across to each server, the data needed by the test plan, if any, is not. In cases where input data such as CSV data is needed to run the tests, such data needs to be made available on each server where the test plan will be executed. This can be a shared network mount that all the servers can get to.