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Moodle Administration Essentials

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Moodle Administration Essentials

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Moodle Administration Essentials
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Standard roles

There are a number of different roles configured in Moodle, by default these are:

  • Site administrator: The site administrator can do everything on the site including creating the site structure, courses, activities, and resources, and managing user accounts.

  • Manager: The manager can access courses and modify them. They usually do not participate in teaching courses.

  • Course creator: The course creator can create courses when assigned rights in a category.

  • Teacher: The teacher can do anything within a course, including adding and removing resources and activities, communicating with students, and grading them.

  • Non-editing teacher: The non-editing teacher can teach and communicate in courses and grade students, but cannot alter or add activities, nor change the course layout or settings.

  • Student: The student can access and participate in courses, but cannot create or edit resources or activities within a course.

  • Guest: The guest can view courses if allowed, but cannot participate...