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KnockoutJS Essentials

By : Jorge Ferrando, Jorge F Ferrando
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KnockoutJS Essentials

By: Jorge Ferrando, Jorge F Ferrando

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KnockoutJS Essentials
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We are going to develop a completely new application in this chapter. However, we are going to reuse most parts of the code we developed in the last chapter.

One of the disadvantages of working just with Knockout was that our application needs to connect to many libraries as it grows. The application we have developed during this book is very small, but has enough complexity and we haven't handled an important problem like routing. Our application always lies on the same page. We can't navigate between order and catalog or between cart and catalog. We have our entire application on the same page, showing and hiding components.

Durandal connects some libraries you have learned in this book and makes it easy to connect to new ones.

Along the chapter, we are going to see some schemas with non-standard UML notation. Nowadays, agile methods do not recommend using UML deeply, but these kinds of diagrams help us to get a global and clearer view of the structure and requisites of our features...