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KnockoutJS Essentials

By : Jorge Ferrando, Jorge F Ferrando
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KnockoutJS Essentials

By: Jorge Ferrando, Jorge F Ferrando

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KnockoutJS Essentials
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Setting up the project

To start the new project, we are going to follow some steps that will give us a good starting point to develop our project:

  1. Create a new project as we did with the Knockout cart.

  2. Inside this project, copy the content of the Durandal Starter Kit project.

  3. Now we should have three folders in our project:

    • app: This contains our application

    • css: This contains stylesheets

    • lib: This contains third-party libraries

  4. Migrate the following libraries from the Knockout cart project to the Durandal cart project:

    • icheck

    • kovalidation

    • mockjax

    • mockjson

  5. Install a new library called Toastr from

  6. Update the ko.validation.js file on line 19 with the following code:

    define(["knockout", "exports"], factory);
  7. Move the style.css file from the Knockout cart to the css folder in the Durandal cart project.

  8. Move the models folder inside the app folder.

  9. Move the services folder inside the app folder.

  10. Create a file called bindings.js at the same level as the main.js file...