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Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3, Second Edition

By : Ben Frain
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Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3, Second Edition

5 (1)
By: Ben Frain

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Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3 Second Edition
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About the Reviewers

Esteban S. Abait is a senior software architect and former PhD student. He has experience devising the architecture of complex software products, and planning their development. He has worked both onsite and offshore for clients such as Cisco, Intuit, and Southwest. Throughout his career, he has worked with different technologies such as Java, PHP, Ruby, and Node.js among others. In recent years, his main interests have revolved around web, mobile and REST APIs. He has developed large, maintainable web applications using JavaScript. In addition, he has worked to assess clients on REST best practices. On the other hand, he has worked on high traffic websites, where topics such as replication, sharding, or distributed caches are key to scalability.

Esteban is currently working at Globant as a technical director. In this role, he works to ensure projects' delivery meet their deadlines with the best quality. He also designs software program training, and interviews software developers. In addition, he usually travels to clients to provide consultancy on web technologies.

Globant ( is a new breed of technology service provider, focused on delivering innovative software solutions by leveraging emerging technologies and trends. Globant combines the engineering and technical rigor of IT service providers with the creative and cultural approach of digital agencies. Globant is the place where engineering, design, and innovation meet scale.

Christopher Scott Hernandez is a designer turned developer who has been working on the Web since 1996, when he built the Web's first boat upholstery site for his dad. He's since moved on to bring his expertise to companies small and large, having worked on some of the most visited sites in the world including eBay, LinkedIn, and Apple.

He was also a technical reviewer for HTML5 Multimedia Development Cookbook, Packt Publishing. Chris is an avid reader and lover of books. When he's not pushing pixels and writing code, he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter exploring the parks and trails of the beautiful Austin, Texas.

Mauvis Ledford is a full-stack founder and CTO specializing in the realm of the web, mobile web, and scaling applications on the cloud.

Mauvis has contributed to products at Disney Mobile, Skype, Netflix, and many start-ups in the San Francisco and New York City areas. He is currently CTO at Pathbrite, an EdTech start-up specializing in free, responsive, multimedia e-portfolios and digital resumes for everyone. Create your own at

Mauvis was also a technical reviewer for the first edition of Responsive Web Design with HTML5 and CSS3, Packt Publishing and Building Hybrid Android Apps with Java and JavaScript, O'Reilly Media.

Sophie Williams is a bit of a perfectionist and has a thing for typography. She has a degree in graphic design and is currently a web/UI designer at While she loves designing for the Web, she will always have a special place in her heart for letterpress and print. Outside of work, she makes mean cupcakes, experiments with arts and crafts, and loves to point out (to anyone who will listen) when anything in the real world is misaligned.

You can find Sophie at or follow her on Twitter @sophiewill13.