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Learning Node.js for .NET Developers

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Learning Node.js for .NET Developers

Overview of this book

Node.js is an open source, cross-platform runtime environment that allows you to use JavaScript to develop server-side web applications. This short guide will help you develop applications using JavaScript and Node.js, leverage your existing programming skills from .NET or Java, and make the most of these other platforms through understanding the Node.js programming model. You will learn how to build web applications and APIs in Node, discover packages in the Node.js ecosystem, test and deploy your Node.js code, and more. Finally, you will discover how to integrate Node.js and .NET code.
Table of Contents (21 chapters)
Learning Node.js for .NET Developers
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Exploring ECMAScript 2015

We have already used many of the new features of ES2015 throughout this book, such as arrow functions, template strings, and promises. We have also already seen ES2015's syntax for classes in Chapter 3, A JavaScript Primer.

ES2015 is a major update to the language, including many new features and syntax improvements. This section will cover some of the other useful improvements that we haven't seen so far in the book. For complete coverage of everything new in ES2015, see the excellent Exploring ES6, available at

Understanding ES2015 modules

As mentioned in previous chapters, ES2015 introduces a new module specification. Recall from Chapter 4, Introducing Node.js Modules, that each module system provides the following:

  • A way of declaring a module with a name and its own scope

  • A way of defining functionality provided by the module

  • A way of importing a module into another script

Modules are scoped to their containing file, as in CommonJS. Modules...