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NW.js Essentials

By : Alessandro Benoit, Roger Weng
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NW.js Essentials

By: Alessandro Benoit, Roger Weng

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NW.js Essentials
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The manifest file

As we have seen in previous chapters, the manifest file is essential for the functioning of the application. Inside package.json are stored the general indications on how the application should be handled by NW.js. Let's start by taking a look at a minimal manifest file:

  "main": "index.html",
  "name": "My Application"

The preceding code is probably the minimum configuration required by NW.js, but there are many customizations possible. We can see all the possibilities listed here:

  • main: This denotes the path of the main file to open when the project gets evaluated by NW.js.

  • name: This indicates the unique name of the application. It's important that it is unique as it is also used to determine the name of the data path, which is the folder that will contain all the data of the application (for example, database, cache, and so on). It cannot contain spaces but only alphanumeric characters in addition to the _, -, and . characters.

  • version: This is the application version...