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NW.js Essentials

By : Alessandro Benoit, Roger Weng
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NW.js Essentials

By: Alessandro Benoit, Roger Weng

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NW.js Essentials
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The project link for generator-node-webkit is

generator-node-webkit is a Yeoman generator for NW.js. Unlike previously reviewed tools, it not only provides an easy way to package NW.js applications, but also enforces good coding standards and comes with tools and a basic folder structure to start your project from.

You're probably familiar with Yeoman already, but if you're not, it's a Node.js-based tool for scaffolding web applications, which is perfectly applicable to our case. You can easily install Yeoman globally with npm:

$ npm install -g yo

Once you're done with it, you can also install generator-node-webkit:

$ npm install -g generator-node-webkit

Eventually, create a new folder for your project and start the generator with the following command:

$ yo node-webkit

If everything went right, a screen, much like the one in the following screenshot, should appear:

As you can see, you'll be asked to answer a few...