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NW.js Essentials

By : Alessandro Benoit, Roger Weng
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NW.js Essentials

By: Alessandro Benoit, Roger Weng

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NW.js Essentials
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Troubleshooting common issues

In Chapter 1, Meet NW.js, we saw how to fix the issue, but there are a few other common issues addressed in the NW.js Wiki page:

  • Audio issues: This might depend on using nonfree media formats, such as MP3; check Chapter 4, Data Persistence Solutions and Others Browser Web APIs, for more information on the subject.

  • Video issues: Your video card might be blacklisted; in that case, run NW.js by passing the --ignore-gpu-blacklist attribute inside the chromium-args object in the manifest file. If it still does not work, it might be due to the lack of a DLL library; try copying d3dx9_43.dll and d3dcompiler_43.dll from the Chrome installer.

  • DevTools are not showing: As stated previously, DevTools are run on a local instanced server. Proxy settings or custom host configurations might interfere with their visualization.

  • JavaScript blocks CSS animations: JavaScript and CSS animations run inside the same thread. You can change this behavior by adding the --enable...