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Mastering MeteorJS Application Development

By : Arturas Lebedevas, Jebin BV
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Mastering MeteorJS Application Development

By: Arturas Lebedevas, Jebin BV

Overview of this book

The web is dead – applications now rule our online experiences. But how are you going to build them? Well, if you’ve been paying attention, you might already have tried your hand with MeteorJS, the JavaScript framework that helps you build complete full-stack web applications that are responsive and fast with ease. Mastering MeteorJS Application Development shows you how to do even more with MeteorJS – if you’re ready to try a comprehensive course through one of the most exciting frameworks in web development today, this is the book you need. Designed to take you through the entire process of building an advanced multipage application with Meteor, you’ll be able to bring your web development ideas with surprising ease. You’ll not only learn how Meteor makes web development easier, but also how you can make using Meteor easier, by automating and simplifying tasks so you can be confident you have full control of everything in your workflow – especially everything that could go wrong. From automated testing to integrating other useful frameworks such as Angular and D3, each chapter covers a crucial element in the Meteor development process. Discover how to integrate animations using Meteor’s Blaze, to give your UI designs the edge, and explore reactive programming to effectively harness RESTful systems in your projects. You will also learn how to deploy and scale your application, two crucial aspects of modern development and vital in a changing digital environment with users expecting a product and experience that delivers. With further insights on developing for mobile – and how Meteor can help you tackle the challenges of the trend – and details on incorporating SEO strategies into your application, this book isn’t just a code tutorial – it’s about creating a product that users love.
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Mastering MeteorJS Application Development
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Using the package

We can use the template from our package in the application. Append the following template call to the header section of ProductsKart.html:

<div class="bucketContainer">{{> Bucket classes="icon-bucket" name="Cart" text="items" bucketContainer="#bucketPlace"}}</div>

After adding this, the cart division will be displayed in the top-right corner of the application in the browser. Hope you got a fair idea of how the packages work. Let us complete the rest of the package features.

We have created the collection in our package, but haven't published or subscribed it. We will publish the collection in the server by adding the following code to the bucket.js file inside our package directory:

if(Meteor.isServer) {
  Meteor.publish("bucket", function() {
    return BucketCollection.find({});

We will subscribe for the collection in the same file by adding the following code:

if(Meteor.isClient) {

To display the total items in the bucket...