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Building a RESTful Web Service with Spring

By : Ludovic Dewailly
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Building a RESTful Web Service with Spring

By: Ludovic Dewailly

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Building a RESTful Web Service with Spring
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Hopefully, this chapter has given the reader food for thought and techniques to apply to scale a RESTful web service. Ultimately, scaling a system is a complex exercise and no one solution fits all needs. The most important aspects for designers to bear in mind are that they should avoid single points of failure and prefer stateless systems over stateful ones to the extent that it is possible to do so (not all applications lend themselves to statelessness). Avoiding tight coupling between the components of a system through well-defined interfaces and asynchronous communication should also be high on the agenda.

This chapter also concludes our tour of building performant, secure, and scalable RESTful web services with the Spring Framework. You should now be armed with sufficient knowledge to build such a service in a commercial environment. This book will make you realize that REST is a software architecture approach that has become very popular because of its portability, simplicity...