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JavaScript JSON Cookbook

By : Ray Rischpater, Brian Ritchie, Ray Rischpater
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JavaScript JSON Cookbook

By: Ray Rischpater, Brian Ritchie, Ray Rischpater

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JavaScript JSON Cookbook
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Searching for a document in MongoDB with Node.js

Being able to insert documents wouldn't do you much good if you didn't have a way to search for documents. MongoDB lets you specify a template on which to match, and returns objects matching that template.

As with insertions and updates, you'll work with a collection of documents, invoking the collection's find method.

How to do it...

Here's an example that finds all documents in the test collection with a call of kf6gpe-7 and prints them to the console:

var mongo = require('mongodb').MongoClient;

var url = 'mongodb://localhost:27017/test';

mongo.connect(url, function(error, db) {
  console.log("mongo.connect returned " + error);

  var cursor = collection.find({call: 'kf6gpe-7'});
  cursor.toArray(function(error, documents) {


How it works…

After connecting to the database, we invoke find in the collection, which returns a cursor you can use to iterate through the found values. The find method...