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JavaScript JSON Cookbook

By : Ray Rischpater, Brian Ritchie, Ray Rischpater
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JavaScript JSON Cookbook

By: Ray Rischpater, Brian Ritchie, Ray Rischpater

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JavaScript JSON Cookbook
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Using json2ts to generate TypeScript interfaces from your JSON

This last recipe is more of a tip than a recipe; if you've got some JSON you developed using another programming language or by hand, you can easily create a TypeScript interface for objects to contain the JSON by using Timmy Kokke's json2ts website.

How to do it…

Simply go to and paste your JSON in the box that appears, and click on the generate TypeScript button. You'll be rewarded with a second text-box that appears and shows you the definition of the TypeScript interface, which you can save as its own file and include in your TypeScript applications.

How it works…

The following figure shows a simple example:

You can save this typescript as its own file, a definition file, with the suffix .d.ts, and then include the module with your TypeScript using the import keyword, like this:

import module = require('module');