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Bootstrap 4 By Example

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Bootstrap 4 By Example

Overview of this book

Bootstrap is a free, open source collection of tools that helps developers create websites or web applications. It provides a faster, easier, and less repetitive solution to designing and building applications. Before Bootstrap’s release, it was necessary to import a variety of libraries into your project that offered different components and features for web interface development. Plus with the increased popularity of smartphones there were lack of libraries that could handle the responsiveness of a web page. Bootstrap‘s existence let it quickly become famous as a front-end framework that offered a wide set of tools from page grid up to components that render a web page in the best possible way for any device. This book will be a tutorial covering various examples as well as step-by-step methodology to create interesting web applications using Bootstrap and to understand the front-end framework to its core. We begin with an introduction to the Bootstrap framework and setting up an environment to build a simple web page. We then cover the grid system, basic Bootstrap components, HTML elements, and customization components for responsive and mobile first development. This is presented by creating a beautiful Landing page sample. You will also learn how to create a web application like Twitter by using the full set of components offered in the framework. Finally, you will learn to create a dashboard web app, using Bootstrap to its finest potential including component customizations, event handling, and external library integration. All these examples are explained step-by-step and in depth, while covering the versions 3 and the most recent version 4 of Bootstrap. So, you will be in the state of the art for front-end development. By the end of this book, you will be familiar with the development of a plugin for the framework and Bootstrap’s world which is popular for fast paced front-end web development, used in countless projects all over the world, and now yours.
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Bootstrap 4 By Example
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Cleaning up the mess

First, we will stop the line from breaking in the Ctrl + D text in the second row of our design. For fixing this issue, we will create our first line of CSS code. Add the <head> tag to a custom CSS file. Remember to place it below the bootstrap.css import line:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="css/base.css">

In the base.css file, create a helper class rule for .nowrap:

.nowrap {
    white-space: nowrap;

In the HTML file, add the created class to the <kbd> element (line 43):

<kbd class="nowrap"><kbd>ctrl</kbd> + <kbd>d</kbd></kbd>

Reload the page and you'll see that one problem is solved. Now, let's fix the horizontal scroll. Can you figure out what is making the unintended horizontal scroll? A tip, the problem is in the table!


What is the meaning of the white-space CSS property?

The white-space property specifies how whitespace is handled inside an element. The default is normal, where the line breaks will occur when...