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Learning Material Design

By : Kyle Mew
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Learning Material Design

By: Kyle Mew

Overview of this book

Google's Material Design language has taken the web development and design worlds by storm. Now available on many more platforms than Android, Material Design uses color, light, and movements to not only generate beautiful interfaces, but to provide intuitive navigation for the user. Learning Material Design will teach you the fundamental theories of Material Design using code samples to put these theories into practice. Focusing primarily on Android Studio, you’ll create mobile interfaces using the most widely used and powerful material components, such as sliding drawers and floating action buttons. Each section will introduce the relevant Java classes and APIs required to implement these components. With the rules regarding structure, layout, iconography, and typography covered, we then move into animation and transition, possibly Material Design's most powerful concept, allowing complex hierarchies to be displayed simply and stylishly. With all the basic technologies and concepts mastered, the book concludes by showing you how these skills can be applied to other platforms, in particular web apps, using the powerful Polymer library.
Table of Contents (17 chapters)

Material TV

Televisions offer an exciting challenge for developers and designers alike. Most large screens are designed to be viewed from up to 10 feet away, and the controls differ from the touchscreens that we are used to dealing with. The interface too is very different, with the toolbar being replaced by a sidebar index or browse lane, and the content being represented in rows of categories. These two elements move in tandem with each other; the lane slides upward as each row is highlighted as shown in the following image:

Most Android TV apps take advantage of the Leanback Library, which provides numerous widgets specifically designed for TV, along with the Leanback theme, which is a TV-optimized version of the material theme.


The Leanback Library is a v17 library, which means it will only work with API levels of 17 (Android 4.2.2) or higher.

The sheer size of today's televisions allows us to represent our apps graphically with far more than a simple icon, and TV apps allow a 320 x...