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Building Modern Web Applications Using Angular 4

By : Shravan Kumar Kasagoni
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Building Modern Web Applications Using Angular 4

By: Shravan Kumar Kasagoni

Overview of this book

<p>In the last few years, Angular has established itself as the number one choice of JavaScript Developers. What makes Angular special is performance and productivity. With Angular, developers can work on consistent coding patterns and build web applications that are powerful and scalable.</p> <p>This book will you get you up and running with Angular and teach how to build modern web applications. It starts with basics of Angular 2 and then brushes you up with the new features of Angular 4. You will learn the core concepts involved in building web applications with Angular such as Data Binding, Routing, Dependency Injection, and much more. The book teaches how to build components and use them to build web apps of your choice. It will help you to handle different kinds of forms and learn the concept of reactive programming. Finally the book teaches how to build visually appealing and responsive UIs.</p>
Table of Contents (15 chapters)

Chapter 1. Getting Started

In this chapter, we are going to learn the Angular framework basics and new features. We will learn how to use features from future versions of JavaScript and TypeScript to develop modern web applications using Angular. After going through this chapter, the reader will understand the following concepts:

  • The Angular framework and its new features
  • Setting up the environment for development
  • The basics of TypeScript
  • Angular application basics
  • How to write your first Angular application?