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Professional CSS3

By : Piotr Sikora
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Professional CSS3

By: Piotr Sikora

Overview of this book

CSS is the preferred technology to design modern web pages. Although CSS is often perceived as a simple language, applying modern styles to web pages with CSS and maintaining the code for larger websites can be quite tricky. We will take you right from understanding CSS to designing high-quality web pages in CSS3. We'll quickly take you through CSS3's features, and show you how to resolve common issues so you can build your basic framework. Finally, you will learn about code architecture and CSS methodologies used in scalable apps and you'll explore the various new features of CSS3, such as FlexBox, to help you create the most modern layout methodologies. By the end of the book, you will be a master at creating pure CSS web pages and will know sophisticated web design techniques, giving you an edge over other web designers.
Table of Contents (21 chapters)
Professional CSS3
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Forms – the most known issues

Do you know any frontend developer who hasn't built any form in HTML/CSS? Do you know any of them who like to do this work? Yeah… It's not simple to adjust it, but you need to learn to understand what you can do with HTML/CSS and where you need to use JavaScript code to make it easier or even possible.

The most known restrictions are as follows:

  • Usage of pseudoelements :before and :after is not allowed because the input has no content (:before and :after appear before or after the content)

  • Usage of global input styles is not good because of lots of types of inputs (text, password, submit)

  • Styling of displayed elements in the selected box is not possible at all (sometimes it is easier to use some JavaScript plugin to enable additional structure, which is easier for styling)