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Mastering Magento 2 - Second Edition

By : Bret Williams, Andre Gugliotti, Jonathan Bownds
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Mastering Magento 2 - Second Edition

By: Bret Williams, Andre Gugliotti, Jonathan Bownds

Overview of this book

The long-awaited release of the world's most popular online solution, Magento 2, is now out with an all new interface and several enhancements. This book offers you advanced guidance on managing, optimizing, and extending your store while taking advantage of the new features of Magento 2. This is a comprehensive guide to using the all new features and interface of Magento 2 to build, extend, and design online stores. From planning your Magento installation through to advanced techniques designed to make your store as successful as possible, this book is your roadmap to managing your Magento store. Focusing on Magento's Community version, the book covers everything from creating and managing multiple stores to fine-tuning Magento for speed and performance. You’ll learn how to manage categories, products, design themes, extensions, and more.
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Mastering Magento 2 Second Edition
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How hosting effects installation

If you own and operate your own servers, and your server meets the requirements for installing Magento, you're all set to go. However, for most people installing Magento Community, the quest to install Magento on an appropriate hosted server is vital to insuring that their Magento stores run quickly and securely.

Understanding types of hosting

Hosting plans range from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars per month, depending mainly on the type of server configuration you have. For most hosting providers, hosting is divided into three distinct categories:

  • For small beginner Magento stores, a shared server is a great way to start. In essence, you are sharing the server with other hosting clients. However, expect to outgrow this if your store begins to handle more than about 5,000 visitors each day.

  • Another option is a virtual machine (VM), commonly referred to as a cloud server. With a VM, the operating system is entirely abstracted from the underlying hardware...