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Practical Responsive Typography

By : Dario Calonaci
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Practical Responsive Typography

By: Dario Calonaci

Overview of this book

Typography is an essential part of any website’s design. It can help you stand out from the crowd, communicate with clarity, and cultivate a distinctive identity. Practical Responsive Typography demonstrates how to use typography to greatest effect. With this book you won't underestimate it's importance - you'll be in complete control over this crucial component of web design. From scaling and optimizing screen spaces to using a range of different web fonts, you'll quickly get up to speed with the practical considerations behind successful typography. But more than the fundamentals, you'll also find out how to go further by customizing typography designs to suit your identity.
Table of Contents (17 chapters)
Practical Responsive Typography
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It actually takes more than three steps

To make a responsive, working website – as it's easy to imagine, and as we learned through the previous chapters – the core of its functionalities are indeed hosted in three sections:

  • Meta tag, tells the browser to actually render the website the way you want it <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">

  • The actual layout, ordered coding, and tags will make the job easier. Using a preprocessor like LESS or Sass actually helps a lot

  • CSS3 Media Queries, since they are the most supported way to tell a browser how to react to different breaking points

So through this chapter we'll take everything from the above, to anything said in the past, to build our truly responsive website in one page – plus other bits to spice it up in the use of Sass and responsive design – and make you ready for all the outstanding future trials you'll encounter.

It will be a journey full of code, so make up your mind, gather some Marathon bars and...