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Mastering Drupal 8

By : Sean Montague, Chaz Chumley, William Hurley
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Mastering Drupal 8

By: Sean Montague, Chaz Chumley, William Hurley

Overview of this book

Drupal is an open source content management system trusted by governments and organizations around the globe to run their websites. It brings with it extensive content authoring tools, reliable performance, and a proven track record of security. The community of more than 1,000,000 developers, designers, editors, and others have developed and maintained a wealth of modules, themes, and other add-ons to help you build a dynamic web experience. Drupal 8 is the latest release of the Drupal built on the Symfony2 framework. This is the largest change to the Drupal project in its history. The entire API of Drupal has been rebuilt using Symfony and everything from the administrative UI to themes to custom module development has been affected. This book will cover everything you need to plan and build a complete website using Drupal 8. It will provide a clear and concise walkthrough of the more than 200 new features and improvements introduced in Drupal core. In this book, you will learn advanced site building techniques, create and modify themes using Twig, create custom modules using the new Drupal API, explore the new REST and Multilingual functionality, import, and export Configuration, and learn how to migrate from earlier versions of Drupal.
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Chapter 14. Configuration Management

Once you move beyond making all of your changes on the live site, it becomes imperative that there is some way of moving your changes between different versions of the site. In Drupal 7 and earlier, the Features module was used, but many modules either implemented their own incompatible way to export configuration or simply stored it in a way that couldn't easily be pulled out by Features. Having a standard mechanism to store configuration and to import and export it in the core is one of the most anticipated changes in Drupal 8. It was also the very first initiative announced for Drupal 8. In this chapter, we will be covering:

  • How configuration is stored in Drupal 8
  • Exploring the user interface for managing configuration in Drupal 8
  • How to use the Configuration API in your own custom modules
  • Exporting and importing individual configuration items
  • Exporting and importing the whole site's configuration
  • A configuration workflow using Drush
  • Using configuration management...