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Isomorphic JavaScript Web Development

By : Tomas Alabes, Konstantin Tarkus
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Isomorphic JavaScript Web Development

By: Tomas Alabes, Konstantin Tarkus

Overview of this book

<p>The latest trend in web development, Isomorphic JavaScript, allows developers to overcome some of the shortcomings of single-page applications by running the same code on the server as well as on the client. Leading this trend is React, which, when coupled with Node, allows developers to build JavaScript apps that are much faster and more SEO-friendly than single-page applications.</p> <p>This book begins by showing you how to develop frontend components in React. It will then show you how to bind these components to back-end web services that leverage the power of Node. You'll see how web services can be used with React code to offload and maintain the application logic. By the end of this book, you will be able to save a significant amount of development time by learning to combine React and Node to code fast, scalable apps in pure JavaScript.</p>
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Chapter 1. Getting Started with Isomorphic Web Apps

Welcome to the book on building isomorphic web applications where we will discuss the main challenges associated with building isomorphic (also known as universal) apps and will walk through the process of building a simple web application so you can learn by example.

In this chapter, we will give a brief overview of isomorphic apps; you will learn what makes your application code isomorphic; see how simple it is to get your first isomorphic application running and what a good project structure for an isomorphic app could be.

By the end of the chapter, we will have a basic working web application, powered by Node.js, Express, and React 16.

To bring it all together, we will cover the following topics:

  • What are isomorphic apps?
  • How to write isomorphic JavaScript code?
  • Introduction to React.js
  • Sample application description
  • What we need to get started
  • Install project dependencies
  • The basic project structure
  • Creating the first React component
  • How to render a React app on both client and server
  • How to run and test our app locally