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Beginning React

By : Andrea Chiarelli
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Beginning React

By: Andrea Chiarelli

Overview of this book

Projects like Angular and React are rapidly changing how development teams build and deploy web applications to production. In this book, you’ll learn the basics you need to get up and running with React and tackle real-world projects and challenges. It includes helpful guidance on how to consider key user requirements within the development process, and also shows you how to work with advanced concepts such as state management, data-binding, routing, and the popular component markup that is JSX. As you complete the included examples, you’ll find yourself well-equipped to move onto a real-world personal or professional frontend project.
Table of Contents (9 chapters)


In this chapter, we learned how to manage user interaction. In particular, we have covered the following things:

  • Managed events that don't involve changes to a component's state
  • Handled events that involve changes to a component's state
  • Explored the component lifecycle and learned how to customize each phase
  • Used React Router's components to configure navigation between components

This chapter concludes the book. It provided the basics for understanding how React works and how to build React-based applications. We started with an introduction to React and then explored creating components in detail. We finished with a look at how to manage user interactivity with React.