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Redux Quick Start Guide

By : James Lee, Tao Wei, Suresh Kumar Mukhiya
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Redux Quick Start Guide

By: James Lee, Tao Wei, Suresh Kumar Mukhiya

Overview of this book

Starting with a detailed overview of Redux, we will follow the test-driven development (TDD) approach to develop single-page applications. We will set up JEST for testing and use JEST to test React, Redux, Redux-Sage, Reducers, and other components. We will then add important middleware and set up immutableJS in our application. We will use common data structures such as Map, List, Set, and OrderedList from the immutableJS framework. We will then add user interfaces using ReactJS, Redux-Form, and Ant Design. We will explore the use of react-router-dom and its functions. We will create a list of routes that we will need in order to create our application, and explore routing on the server site and create the required routes for our application. We will then debug our application and integrate Redux Dev tools. We will then set up our API server and create the API required for our application. We will dive into a modern approach to structuring our server site components in terms of Model, Controller, Helper functions, and utilities functions. We will explore the use of NodeJS with Express to build the REST API components. Finally, we will venture into the possibilities of extending the application for further research, including deployment and optimization.
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Setting up Jest

Setting up Jest is pretty straightforward and painless. You can access the entire code used in this chapter in the GitHub repository, inside of the CH02 folder. However, we suggest that you get started with an empty folder and walk through the hands-on tutorial, in order to get familiar with the process.

  1. Create the project and initialize it with YARN.

Create an empty folder and initialize it with YARN or npm. In this book, we will use YARN, but feel free to explore. To initialize the project, open a Terminal of your choice and run the following commands:

mkdir CHO2
cd CHO2
yarn init
Galaxy-A7-2017:CH02 sureshkumarmukhiyahvl$ yarn init
yarn init v1.12.1
question name (CH02): testing-redux-application
question version (1.0.0):
question description: Testing React and Redux applications
question entry point (index.js):
question repository url:
question author: Suresh Kumar Mukhiya
question license (MIT):
question private:
success Saved package.json
  1. Install the required dependencies...